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There are many benefits in Kefir like it is full of probiotics also know as the good for you bacteria and it is considered to be a fermented food. There are many theories and guesses that “kefir” might be the secret food that God given to human which is written in the Bible known as Manna meaning what is this.

There are 2 type of Kefir – Water Kefir and Milk Kefir. It is more challenging to make a kefir rather to make a yogurt, 1st you need to buy kefir grains, then nourish those grains so it can reproduce as much as you want! You may want to share some of them to your friends or even sell them!

Water Kefir

This is a Water Kefir

Water kefir has lots of probiotics and it taste great, the only things that concerns me it has sugar in it, which we normally want to escape from it. In creating water kefir please never replace sugar with xylitol or stevia! If you want to know why, then it will taste so bad that you will want to throw your grains away!

Creating water kefir need to be a bit patient, it requires 48 hours to be soak in it, if you miss it then say goodbye to your grains. In my experience, I got my weight gain because of the sugar added in it, so I now stop drinking it and change it to milk kefir, which fit more for me.

If your interested to make some water kefir or milk, I recommend you to visit YKS at, the site is very resourceful, you can get grains through online and I purchase my 1st grains in here. Of-course you can also purchase in grocery stores, but of-course as we all know self made is always has more benefits and more healthier because it’s business, business always prioritize in earning, so they don’t always use the best quality. So I always recommend doing yourself at home.

For our diet a fermented food is very important so at-least let’s maximize getting the health benefits of kefir. I once read an article that fermentation can multiply the amount of vitamin and mineral that why dairy fermented product became so famous in the European groups, that it became their culture. Yogurt and Kefir almost has the same effect in diet but still kefir has better benefits in our daily living.

Milk Kefir

This is a Milk Kefir

Here are the simple procedure in making milk kefir, just follow these steps:

  • 1st we need to sterilize our container, so we need to biol some hot water – the container will be use to feed the kefir, the most common used is a glass jar the has cup that can seal tight.
  • Next we need 4 cups of milk or 2 cups for goat’s milk, we heat it with a medium low heat approximately for 5 minutes and temperature is more or less about 33.33 degree Celsius not so hot and not so cold – the purpose is to maintain the bacteria and enzyme.
  • Turn off the heat, then add grains using a wooden spoon and stir it slowly till it dissolved.
  • After it dissolve let pour the milk into the glass jar and close it tight.
  • Put the glass where there’s no disturbance for a day so it can ferment peacefully – I normally put it in the my table so I wont forget about it.
  • You will notice that the milk will slowly be thicken and be lumpy. If you try to smell it, it smell sour!
  • So after waiting for 24 hours, which the fermentation has already done, keep it in the refrigerator so the fermentation pace will go down, and the longer the kefir grains is the more benefits you can get.
  • Normally I do save 6 tablespoons of kefir grains, which consider to be the best practice to expand my portfolio. Some people did recommend to use the grains maximum of 7 times, but my mom never really does that, she normally just continue doing it, but I think, it better to change and start a new one to be safe.
Kefir Grains

This is what a kefir grains looks like.
Image resource –

You can now store the kefir grains in the refrigerator for future use. As for the milk kefir, you may just drink it or use it in some healthy smoothie recipe.

Remember that the main benefits of kefir is the probiotics that gives a great aid and boost in our digestive system. I hope readers from all over the world will always enjoy and benefit from drinking this healthy probiotic bacteria that has more than a century hidden history.


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